Program-to-Program Scholarship Fund

Bev Abma, Foods Resource Bank’s former Executive Director of Overseas Programming, retired in 2013 after 15 years of service, and her parting request was the continued promotion and support of program-to-program visits. In honor of Bev’s foresight in initiating such visits more than 6 years ago, FRB has inaugurated the Program-to-Program Scholarship Fund

What, you might ask, are program-to-program visits, and why are they so important?
Several years ago FRB began deliberately encouraging learning within our overseas programs by inviting overseas program staff and participants to take part in exchange visits. With the support of the John Deere Foundation and private donors, FRB is able to foster this kind of learning among our program participants by bringing people together who are striving for food security in their communities.

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If you’d like to support this initiative, please send donations our donation mailbox, marked "Bev Abma Program-to-Program Scholarship Fund." Please e-mail or call 888-276-4FRB for more information.