What are the objectives of the local community involved in a growing project?

To form a local community sponsoring group which will have the responsibility for all local FRB activities. These might include: 

• Providing local leadership to identify and raise needed resources

• Organizing a growing project by securing the annual use of land, farmers to farm the land, inputs (seed, fertilizer, etc.), and a market for the products.

• Encouraging farmers not involved in the growing project to donate grain from their individual farms at the designated growing project elevator.

• Evaluating community resources to determine if some other agricultural commodity (milk, cattle, poultry, vegetables, honey ... the list is endless!) would be more suitable as the basis for a growing project

• Increasing local awareness and interest in the project and in the complex issues surrounding world hunger

• Involving a wide range of community talents and resources

• Planning for a Harvest Day or a Harvest Dedication/Celebration