What is a community growing project ?

A community growing project is a unique and rewarding way for people to contribute grain and other agricultural commodities to Foods Resource Bank. A typical project involves a group of people getting together to farm a common plot of land. Once harvested, the crop is sold and proceeds are donated to Foods Resource Bank for use in the food aid and development programs carried out by our members overseas.

Organizing a successful community growing project takes a committed group of volunteers, some land, some creative fundraising and publicity, and lots of good, honest work! Despite the challenges, community growing projects have tremendous benefits. You'll feel a sense of achievement and build community spirit. You'll gain a new appreciation for farming, learn about food security issues and work together with many others to achieve a common goal.

Most important, you will help thousands of hungry people throughout the world to feed themselves and their families by using your talents and encouraging others to contribute their talents as well.