What is FRB?

Foods Resource Bank (FRB) is a Christian, non-government, humanitarian organization committed to providing food security in the developing world through sustainable small-scale agricultural production, thereby allowing hungry people to know the dignity and pride of feeding themselves. Member organizations are Christian denominations and/or their relief and development agencies. Additional supporting organizations provide inputs for food security and/or advocacy. Revenues to support sustainable food security programs are generated through U.S. community growing projects involving landowners, farmers, agribusinesses, and churches.

FRB works on behalf of its members to mobilize and increase the resources needed for food security projects. Cash resources are provided to the member organizations of FRB. These members work with their in-country partners worldwide to implement assistance. All overseas programming is the responsibility of FRB's member organizations who propose, implement, monitor, complete, and report on the programs. In this way, FRB avoids infrastructure costs while taking advantage of members’ long-term presence and experience overseas.

FRB provides a common mechanism and structure of support services, facilitation and communications for its contributing members and their in-country partners.

All FRB assistance is provided in accordance with the principles of the International Humanitarian Code of Conduct.