Why should we get involved?

When you start a program like this, everyone naturally thinks about the recipients and how they will be helped. Assisting hungry people to become self-sufficient is, of course, the main concern of FRB, its members, and it growing project communities. However, the individuals, congregations and communities involved in FRB growing projects are equally blessed!Many small rural churches or communities, interested in mission but constrained by lack of cash resources, suddenly find that, just doing what they do best, with financial backing from city churches or civic groups, they are able to contribute many thousands of dollars to FRB's overseas programs and make a profound, positive impact on the lives of hungry people overseas!

The farm communities relish the opportunity to show their way of life to urban or suburban people who may have little experience or knowledge of what it takes to grow food. Rural-urban connections, lost over the last 75 years, are renewed.

Church denominations, whose buildings are side by side but who have never worked together, find a common passion in helping hungry people feed themselves. Communities involved in FRB growing projects are often re-invigorated by working together in this way.People want to do more than write a check and wonder what happens to it. An FRB growing project gives you a chance to see and touch, to get personally involved. The farmer, while perhaps short on cash, gives a gift only he or she can give: the use of land, equipment, time, and management of the growing project. Agri-businesses have a chance to honor those who keep them in business. City dwellers, while short on land and seed, can financially back the project. Each gives of his/her individual gifts and talents to fulfill Jesus' words from his first sermon: "I have come to bring good news to the poor."